September 27, 2023


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Will 2TB SSD be less than $100 next year?

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Will 2TB SSD be less than $100 next year?


Will 2TB SSD be less than $100 next year?

At present, SSD and NAND prices have shown a significant decline, but analysts believe that this downward trend still has no end in sight.

The latest forecast shows that consumers can buy a 2TB SSD for less than $100 next year.

The price of SSD has been greatly reduced recently, and the capacity has also been significantly improved.

Six years ago, Samsung’s 1TB NVMe drive cost nearly $500; now the same model costs just $90, an 80 percent drop.


Will 2TB SSD be less than $100 next year?



In this regard, analysts believe that the current SSD cost will be cut in half by mid-2023.

If predictions are correct, a 1 TB M.2 SSD could retail for around $50, a 2 TB SSD could be under $100, and a 4 TB drive would be closer to $200, which is a good deal for price-conscious users Very good news.


Trendfocus pointed out that the main impact of the recent sharp price cuts is that OEMs can now produce NAND chips faster than ever.

Contracting technical departments and over-manufacturing resulted in a surplus of products that could not be sold at the prices initially set.

For those looking to upgrade their PC storage, the next few months should be an excellent time. Next year might be even better.



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