September 22, 2023


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Wi-Fi 7: The speed is 2.4 times that of Wi-Fi 6E! 

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Wi-Fi 7: The speed is 2.4 times that of Wi-Fi 6E! 

Today, at the MediaTek Technology Summit, MediaTek announced that it will demonstrate the next generation of Wi-Fi network technology-Wi-Fi 7 at CES2022.


According to MediaTek, Wi-Fi 7 is 2.4 times faster than Wi-Fi 6E, which brings faster speed, lower latency, and stronger anti-interference ability.


The already announced Wi-Fi 6E introduces the 6GHz frequency band, and the next-generation Wi-Fi 7 will also introduce 6GHz.

Compared with the existing 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands, the 6GHz frequency band will bring faster connections.


Wi-Fi 7: The speed is 2.4 times that of Wi-Fi 6E! 


On the application level, Wi-Fi 7 can bring users a smoother and faster transmission experience.

Because it has a larger coverage area and effectively reduces transmission congestion, it will more effectively promote the popularization of 8K products. .


From the user’s point of view, Wi-Fi 7 makes the online playback of 8K video no longer a dream, and users will also get a better audio-visual experience.


In addition, faster transmission speeds will definitely extend more smart product functions and experiences, such as artificial intelligence interaction and home smart control, to solve the current consumer pain points in these areas and obtain a more comfortable smart experience.





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