September 30, 2022


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Ubuntu founder explains why Ubuntu doesn’t support Flatpak

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Ubuntu founder explains why Ubuntu doesn’t support Flatpak


Ubuntu founder explains why Ubuntu doesn’t support Flatpak.

Last month, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS was officially released.

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth’s answer when asked if the Ubuntu desktop distribution will offer “out-of-the-box” support for Flatpak during a live-streamed interview during the launch day celebrations Very concise: NO.


Ubuntu founder explains why Ubuntu doesn't support Flatpak

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According to Mark Shuttleworth, Flatpak is not suitable for Ubuntu. He doesn’t think Flatpak can provide security, and doesn’t think it can provide the same execution integrity over time as Snaps because their engineers have built these features into Snap. Shuttleworth also added: ” I know people have different views on how to solve problems […], but I also think that if we focus on solving problems that we can really move forward with, we will provide developers and users with Better experience. “


Shuttleworth pointed out that many users also like Snap, because a large number of applications are released in the form of Snaps, which shows that developers like the publishing experience, and users like the convenience provided by Snap’s integration into Ubuntu.


Of course, Shuttleworth isn’t blind to Snap’s inadequacies. He said the team still needs to improve the Snap experience on the desktop, such as optimizing startup performance and managing security boundaries.


Shuttleworth mentioned that since some of the great open source software is only distributed on Flathub, in order to make it easier for users to use them, the team has done a lot of work to ensure that installing Flatpak on Ubuntu is also very easy.


In the end, Shuttleworth concluded that while Snaps may be popular with a large number of developers, in his view there is a huge gap between the kinds of apps available in each app store.

Commercial, proprietary, and Electron-based software seem to prefer Canonical’s Snap Store, but open source software developed using native toolkits seems to prefer the experience offered by Flatpak and Flathub.


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