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Ubuntu 22.04 has fixed the problem of OOMD killing apps

Ubuntu 22.04 has fixed the problem of OOMD killing apps.

Earlier in the month we reported an issue with Ubuntu 22.04 version killing apps frequently, systemd-oomd directly killing apps like Firefox during high memory/swap usage without giving any feedback to the user.

Following the issue, the Ubuntu developers have been looking for a workaround to better handle systemd’s out-of-memory daemon (OOMD) and provide a fix for users of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS who were having problems.

Now that the problem has been solved, according to foreign media Phoronix , the new systemd 249.11-0ubuntu3. package contains the latest changes to OOMD: swap kill is disabled by default.

Ubuntu 22.04 has fixed the problem of OOMD killing apps

This patch replaces what Ubuntu 22.04 LTS has been using ManagedOOMSwap=kill to set it on the root slice (-.slice) ManagedOOMSwap=auto.

Disabling swap kill by default limits the default behavior of systemd-oomd on Ubuntu Linux to monitoring memory pressure instead of monitoring memory swap usage.

Since Ubuntu only provides 1GB of swap space, monitoring memory swap usage can easily trigger conditions, while monitoring memory pressure effectively improves the experience of unexpected application termination.

The patch is expected to be implemented in the next fix release of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

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