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Tesla predicts that it will launch new energy products this year


Tesla predicts that it will launch new energy products this year.

In an internal meeting, Tesla previewed new and updated energy products later this year, along with a better customer front-end for solar installations.

Tesla’s energy division certainly lives in the shadow of its auto business.

When most people think of “Tesla,” they think of electric vehicles, but the company has recently refocused on energy products through its Tesla Energy division.


Tesla predicts that it will launch new energy products this year



Tesla’s solar division had its best quarter in four years last quarter, according to reports. Some improvements are achieved through improved product offerings.


In an internal meeting of Tesla’s energy division obtained by Electrek today, Tesla said it has improved over the past two years through a mix of third-party devices to Tesla devices integrated with its own software. supply of its energy products.


At the conference, Tesla’s senior manager of solar product engineering, Seth Winger, said there will be new and updated Tesla energy products this year.




The engineer said he could not reveal the specifics yet, but commented: “In 2022, we are investing heavily in Tesla products. I can’t say what will be, we will keep it secret, but in photovoltaics, solar roofs, Expect dramatic improvements in installation efficiency, aesthetics and product performance across the Powerwall.”


Winger also said some of the people on the call already knew — if they did, they should be “secretly” — but there will be a pilot program soon.


Electrek recently reported that Tesla is testing a new version of the Solar Roof (v3.5) in employee homes, but Winger now makes it seem like Tesla is also working on a new, updated Powerwall and solar panels.


During the conference call, Tesla also announced that it will soon deploy a new “interactive layout experience” for customers.


A Tesla manager said customers will be able to directly interact with the layout and help Tesla complete the project.

Plus, they’ll be able to tell Tesla things like where to drop equipment for the project.


The company is still working on the new interface, but based on early testing, Tesla expects the new portal to reduce post-permit redesign requests by 20 percent, utility rejections by 30 percent, and “average processing time (average processing time) by 10 percent.” to chat with)”.


Internally, Tesla is also updating its grid user interface to make it easier and faster to understand the status of the workflow.


The company hopes these new products and tools will help Tesla Energy reach new heights in the second half of the year.