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Some active Google Maps users now get free Google Fi wireless service


Some active Google Maps users now get free Google Fi wireless service.

Commenting on elements on Google Maps can sometimes work to your advantage, and now some U.S.-based participants with the title of Local Tour Guide have been offered Google Fi for free.

Some Google Maps users may have recently been notified that they are eligible for free Google Fi wireless service for the rest of the year.

Three months of Google Fi coverage is $195 for free, assuming you’re notified that you’re accepting an offer.


The Google Fi promotion didn’t extend to all Google Maps users.

There is a key condition for triggering the Google Fi offer.

You must be the owner of the Google Maps Local Guide title, that is, users who are highly active and have contributed to the community to receive the gift.

The free service is offered to reward contributions to Google Maps as a way to complement their navigation platform.

The promotion may also inspire other Google Maps users to contribute more to the navigation app.


If you’re contributing to Google Maps and you don’t see any promotions for Google Fi, it means you haven’t met Google’s eligibility criteria.

The service also has a deadline, and invited customers have until October 31 to decide whether to take advantage of the free Google Fi service.


However, the offer has some strings attached.

While invitees can drop the Google Fi promotion after the three-month promotion ends, they must be first-time Google Fi users to redeem the offer from Google Maps.

In addition, you need to port your phone number to Google Fi.

This is an added hassle for some people.


Plus, Local Guides in the international version of Google Maps don’t need to wait for their Google Fi promotion because Google operates its Google Fi service in the US.


Google Maps users who want to become Local Guides can do so from the mobile app, just look for the “Contribute” menu to get started.

Content can then be added to Google Maps, including reviews and photos.


Some active Google Maps users now get free Google Fi wireless service