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Seagate develops DNA hard drive: One million times the capacity of SSD


Seagate develops DNA hard drive: One million times the capacity of SSD, 1 gram can store 200,000 TB

At present, the main storage data are mechanical hard disks and SSD solid-state hard disks. Both have their advantages, but they also have disadvantages.

For example, the capacity of SSD is still not enough.

Will there be new hard disks in the future?

Seagate is now targeting DNA hard drives, and is working with DNA storage pioneer Catalog to develop related technologies with a capacity up to 1 million times that of SSD hard drives.




DNA is a biochemical substance. Everyone knows that it stores the secrets of life.

Its code can determine the physical condition of human beings. If this technology is used for storage, it will be absolutely revolutionary. Many years ago, people have studied DNA storage. system.


According to Catalog, the capacity of DNA can be up to a million times that of SSD hard drives, 1 gram can store 200PB of capacity, or 200,000 TB, and it is super reliable and can be stored for 1,000 years.


The advantages are unparalleled, but how to achieve DNA storage is a problem, Catalog has developed a new technology Shannon, the latter’s CEO describes as an inkjet printer – can deposit a liquid material containing DNA onto a substrate, and then the DNA phone in the liquid pool and recover the information in it.


It sounds perfect, but the problem is that this Shannon platform is currently the size of an ordinary family’s kitchen, which is not acceptable.

The goal of Seagate’s cooperation with Catalog is to reduce this platform by a thousand times and make it like a lab-on-a-chip, which can contain data. A library of ten DNA molecules.


This process not only involves DNA storage, but also integrates it into algorithms and various computing programs, which is a complex process.


Like all revolutionary technologies, when this DNA hard drive will be practical, I am afraid it will have to wait.