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Samsung is developing DDR6 12.8GHz and GDDR7 32GHz memory


Samsung is developing DDR6 12.8GHz and GDDR7 32GHz memory.

DDR5 memory has come, can DDR6 be far behind? GDDR6/GDDR6X memory is popular, can GDDR7 be far behind?


At the TechDay 2021 technology conference, Samsung looked forward to the next generation of memory and video memory, and the frequency was simply against the sky.


The starting frequency of DDR5 memory is 4800MHz, and it is expected that the mainstream will be at 6400MHz in the future. No matter how high it is, it is a rare flagship product, or overclocking by players.


Although a manufacturer has long claimed that it will achieve 10GHz , it is a gimmick, and it is estimated that it will be about 8.5GHz.


The standard specification of DDR6 has not really started yet, but the memory giants have already begun to make arrangements.

SK Hynix had previously predicted that DDR6 would develop within 5-6 years, and the expected frequency would start at 12GHz.


Samsung confirmed that it has begun the early stage of DDR6 research and development, and it is expected that the initial frequency will reach 12.8GHz, which is almost 1.7 times higher than that of DDR5, and it is expected to be overclocked to 17GHz!


Although DDR5 memory splits one internal 64-bit channel into two 32-bits, of course it is not a true dual channel, and two combinations are still necessary.


DDR6 will be further split into four internal channels, and the number of banks will increase to 64.


Samsung is developing DDR6 12.8GHz and GDDR7 32GHz memory


In terms of video memory, Samsung confirmed that it is developing GDDR6+ with an equivalent frequency of up to 24GHz.


GDDR7 is also on the roadmap. It is expected that the frequency will be increased to 32GHz and support real-time error protection , but Samsung has no more details to share.


In addition, Samsung plans to mass produce next-generation HBM3 high-bandwidth memory in the second quarter of 2022.


SK Hynix recently took the lead in completing research and development and publicly displaying HBM3 , with a single capacity of 16/24GB, a bandwidth of up to 819GB/s, and support for ECC.



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