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Samsung announces mass production of 1.4nm process in 2027


Samsung announces mass production of 1.4nm process in 2027.

For the golden rule of the semiconductor industry, some manufacturers have been shouting that Moore’s Law is dead.

Some manufacturers continue to give it a new life, hoping that the process will continue to be updated.

Samsung took the lead in mass production of the 3nm process in June this year, and will mass-produce the 2nm process in 2025. , and now they also announced that the 1.4nm process will be mass-produced in 2027.


Kye Hyun Kyung, president of Samsung’s foundry business, said that it will continue to innovate the process based on the next-generation transistor structure full-around gate (GAA) technology, and plans to achieve 2nm chip production in 2025 and 1.4nm process in 2027.


However, Samsung has not announced the specific details of the 1.4nm process. It is still a bit early to talk about transistor density, performance and power consumption.

However, for Samsung, this is another opportunity to overtake in a corner after the first mass production of 3nm. Production was the first they announced.


Samsung announces mass production of 1.4nm process in 2027


Samsung is not the only company that wants to mass-produce the 1.4nm process. TSMC is also building a 3nm plant for mass production, and 2nm will be mass-produced in 2025.

In the middle of this year, a team has also formed a team to tackle the 1.4nm process. Now it is the first stage of TV0, mainly to determine 2nm technical specifications.


In addition, Intel will mass-produce two generations of 20A and 18A processes in 2025, which are equivalent to the 2nm and 1.8nm of friends.

Although it is not a 1.4nm process, the competition between the three manufacturers in the two years before and after 2025 is very fierce.


Another condition for mass production of the 1.4nm process is to fully launch ASML’s next-generation high-NA EUV lithography machine.

The NA numerical aperture has been increased from the current 0.33 to 0.55 , which further improves the lithography resolution.

It is expected to be officially launched in 2026. , and will ship prototypes to three major customers next year.


Samsung announces mass production of 1.4nm process in 2027