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RTX 4090 powerful performance attracts media praise


RTX 4090 powerful performance attracts media praise

With the lifting of the evaluation ban, the outside world has become more and more aware of the RTX 4090, but from the current point of view sent by some foreign media, the performance of this graphics card is very powerful, and there is nothing wrong with it except for the price.

More media test data shows that the RTX 4090 has no doubts about its powerful performance. It can push the 4K frame rate up to 100s.

Jensen Huang did not disappoint in this piece, but the price of $1599 makes it more than the most loyal enthusiasts. of others are hard to come by.


You may already know the general performance. At the same time, the GeForce RTX 4090 has also been squeezed out of 100 TFLOPs of computing power, making it the most powerful gaming graphics card so far.


RTX 4090 powerful performance attracts media praise



For reference, the default performance of the Founders Edition graphics card is 83 TFLOPs (17 TFLOPs lower), while the previous generation GeForce RTX 3090 Ti was only 40 TFLOPs.


At 21:00 tonight, the RTX 4090 public version will be sold in China, and NVIDIA has also prepared a lot of goods. Will you buy it?


The AD102 GPU core of the RTX 4090 graphics card soared to 3150 MHz, the maximum power consumption was 547W, and the maximum temperature was 69°C, and the test was carried out under air-cooled conditions, without water cooling or liquid nitrogen cooling. 


RTX 4090 powerful performance attracts media praise