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Qt 5.15 LTS support extended to 5 years


Qt 5.15 LTS support extended to 5 years

The Qt Company recently announced that they will extend the support period for the Qt 5.15 LTS Long Term Support release by two more years to 2025 on top of the original plan of 2023.


Qt 5.15 LTS support extended to 5 years


Qt 5.15 LTS was released in May 2020. According to Qt’s original plan and past traditions (that is, the support period of the regular Qt version under standard support is one year, and the LTS version under standard support is three years), Qt The end of support for 5.15 LTS is May 2023, but given that many people are still relying on Qt 5 and have not yet ported to Qt 6, The Qt Company has decided to extend the support period for Qt 5.15.


After the planned update, the Qt 5.15 LTS support period will be extended to May 2025, bringing the total support period to five years. Under the new program, Qt will release at least two patches per year, which typically include quality updates, critical bug fixes, support for OS version updates, and possible security fixes.


But this additional extended two-year support is not available to all users, only customers who subscribe to the Qt Subscription License.


Extended Support is a service that extends the standard support period for an EoS version. Extended support allows customers to post issues and get patches for Qt versions and environments that are no longer supported under standard support.


Current support of various versions of Qt


Qt 5.15 LTS support extended to 5 years

Looking at the above figure, you can find that Qt 5.14 and earlier versions, including Qt 5.12 LTS, and Qt 6.0, are no longer in the scope of standard support, and the above versions have entered the EoS (End of Support) stage; and Qt 6.1 in 2021.

Released on May 6th, the support cycle for this version is only one year, which means that Qt 6.1 will enter the EoS phase by May this year.