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Opera browser integrates native AI assistant “Aria”


Opera browser integrates native AI assistant “Aria”.

Opera Software has announced the integration of its AI assistant “Aria” into its web browser.

Based on OpenAI technology, Aria is natively built into the new Opera One browser and Opera for Android browser , available in more than 180 countries including Europe.


Opera browser integrates native AI assistant "Aria"



Aria welcomes new users and desktop and mobile platforms.

Opera Software says Aria’s implementation of ChatGPT includes the ability to search the Internet in real time, similar to Bing Chat.

But Opera Software has added more browser-specific features to Aria. For example, Aria understands all the supporting documents of the Opera browser. Opera users who encounter problems can ask related questions to Aria, and they will get accurate answers soon.


This feature feels a bit like Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Copilot on Windows 11 . It is also very familiar with internal documents, so it can respond quickly when facing problems.


“Aria” is based on Opera ‘s own “Composer” infrastructure, which allows Aria to connect to multiple AI models, further extending its functionality.


At the end of April, Opera Software announced the use of a new version of the Opera One browser to replace the old version of the Opera browser.

The new version of Opera One features a ” modular design” and reserves a large number of AI functions and UI positions for it, such as built-in ChatGPT and ChatSonic , also integrated AI Prompts function.


Today’s “Aria” artificial intelligence assistant is just one of its AI initiatives, and Opera Software plans to continue expanding the capabilities and features of the Aria and AI integration in its browser.


PC users can experience Aria functionality by downloading the latest version of Opera One (developer version) , and Android users can experience it in the latest beta version of the Opera browser.





Opera browser integrates native AI assistant “Aria”