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NVIDIA completely withdraws from Russia due to sanctions


 NVIDIA completely withdraws from Russia due to sanctions.

After March this year, under sanctions from Europe and the United States, many companies had to suspend their business in Russia, and AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards could not be sold.

Now NVIDIA has decided to completely withdraw from the Russian market and will close its offices in the country. transfer or dismissal.


According to Forbes, NVIDIA still has about 240 local employees after the shutdown of its Russian business in March.

Now that the business has been shut down, the remaining employees have two options, either agree to relocate abroad, rather than relocate.

Employees will be dismissed under the premise of consensus, and NVIDIA will give a certain severance pay.


NVIDIA explained that the reason for closing offices and laying off employees was that they could not ensure that they could continue to work effectively on the ground.


NVIDIA’s graphics cards have been banned from Russian users.

Not only enterprise users can’t buy them, but also consumer users can’t buy RTX series graphics cards, including the newly released RTX 40 series.

There is no market for graphics cards for consumers, like the RTX 4090.

 NVIDIA completely withdraws from Russia due to sanctions



Not only the hardware is banned, but also NVIDIA’s cloud games and software and services such as licensing.