CAT8 Ethernet Cable Shielded 40Gbps 2000MHz

CAT8 Ethernet Cable Shielded 40Gbps 2000MHz. Siemon, which was developed in the United States in 1999, has announced that it has developed category 8 cables with the trademark “Tera”.

The nickname for category 8 cables is “tera”. “, “10Gip”, “tera dor” and “megaline 8” etc.

CAT8 Ethernet cable is the latest generation of double-shielded (SFTP) network jumper, it has two wire pairs, can support 2000MHz bandwidth, and the transmission rate is up to 40Gbps, only 30m maximum transmission distance.

CAT8 Ethernet cable is generally used for short The connection of servers, switches, patch panels and other equipment away from the data center can handle Terrestrial TV, DAB, CCTVIR control, 10/100 and 100/1000 Ethernet, video, telephone, USB peripherals, etc.

CAT8 Ethernet Cable Shielded 40Gbps 2000MHz

CAT8 Ethernet cable standards

The relevant standards of Cat8 eight types of network cables were officially released by the TR-43 Committee of the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) in 2016. The specifics are as follows:

1. It complies with the ANSI/TIA-568-C.2-1 standard, stipulates the channel and permanent link of Cat8 eight-category network cable, and includes the resistance imbalance, TCL and ELTCTL restrictions.

2. It complies with the IEEE 802.3bq 25G / 40GBASE-T standard, specifies the minimum transmission rate of Cat8 eight types of network cables, and can support 25 Gbps and 40 Gbps network cabling.

3. It complies with the ISO/IEC-11801 standard and specifies the channel and permanent link of the I/II Category 8 Cat8 network cable.

4. It complies with the ANSI/TIA-1152-A standard and specifies the measurement and accuracy requirements of the Cat8 Category 8 network cable field tester.

CAT8 Ethernet Cable Shielded 40Gbps 2000MHz

The comparison of CAT7, CAT6 and CAT5e


  • Conductor:  Bare Copper
  • 4 Twisted Pairs:  8C
  • AWG: 22
  • Construction (MM)( ±0.01): 1/0.62
  • Stranded Dia.(MM): 0.6
  • Insulation: Form-Skin PE
  • Nom.Thickness (MM):  0.3
  • Insulation Dia.( ±0.05): 1.5
  • Darin wire( ±0.01): 0.5TC
  • Shield/Braid:  16/6/0.12AL
  • Jacket:   PVC/LSZH
  • Nom.Thickness ±0.1MM:  0.6
  • Outer Dia.( ±0.2MM):  8.5

CAT8 CAT7 CAT6a High Performance Connector

Finsihed CAT8 Cables: