October 1, 2022


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Mozilla will transform K-9 Mail into Thunderbird for Android

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Mozilla will transform K-9 Mail into Thunderbird for Android

Mozilla will transform K-9 Mail into Thunderbird for Android.

Thunderbird is a free and open source cross-platform email client developed by the Mozilla Foundation, but so far Thunderbird is only available for PCs.

On June 13, Thunderbird developers confirmed in a blog that the open-source Android email app K-9 Mail will be transformed into Thunderbird for Android, filling the gaps in Thunderbird on mobile and making it easier for users to sync data across devices.

In fact, at the beginning, the Thunderbird team planned to develop an Android email client from scratch.

Later, it was found that our Thunderbird income depended solely on donations , and there was no resources and manpower to redevelop a large-scale project.

After figuring out the situation, the Thunderbird team began to plan to cooperate with the existing Android open source email project.

After all, it is easier to find an existing program and change it than to build a wheel from scratch.

Finally, in 2018, Thunderbird product manager Ryan Lee Sipes met Christian Ketterer, the project maintainer of the open- source Android email client K-9 Mail .

The two hit it off and decided to change K-9 Mail to Thunderbird for Android.

Thunderbird will “dedicate financial and development resources to improving K-9 Mail,” including improvements to the UI, accounts, syncing, and more . Below is the published roadmap:

  • Account settings automatically configured with a Thunderbird account.
  • Improve folder management.
  • Support message filters.
  • Sync between desktop and mobile Thunderbird
  • Align K-9 Mail with Thunderbird’s feature set and visual appearance

By the time the UI is pretty much fixed (which may take a few months), it’s time for K-9 Mail to change its name to “Thunderbird” branding.

The Thunderbird team also intends to introduce sync support for Thunderbird and K-9 mail accounts in summer 2023, after all the apps are mine and users are coming.

The following is the current UI of K-9 Mail:

Mozilla will transform K-9 Mail into Thunderbird for Android

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