October 1, 2022


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Microsoft’s free Antivirus software Defender falls out of the full-point ranking

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Microsoft’s free Antivirus software Defender falls out of the full-point ranking

Microsoft’s free Antivirus software Defender loses 0.5 points and falls out of the full-point ranking of Antivirus rankings.

With so many antivirus software in the world, which software performs the best?

If you want to know more, you can take a look at AV-Test’s Antivirus ranking.

They usually update it once a month. In the latest April test, Microsoft’s free Antivirus software Defender lost 0.5 points, causing it to drop out of the full score list.

AV-Test is a world-renowned network security organization.

Their Antivirus rankings are a must for many Antivirus.

They are mainly divided into protection, performance and usability.

The first two are well understood. Their so-called usability refers to It is the problem of false positives of antivirus software, which is also an important indicator to measure the quality of antivirus software.

Too many false positives will also affect the user experience.

Netizens who have used Microsoft Defender know that.

Each of these three indicators has a full score of 6 points, and the total score is 18 points.

If the score exceeds 10 points, you will get the AV-Test badge certification, and if you exceed 17.5 points, you will be awarded the “TOP PRODUCT” medal.

Microsoft's free Antivirus software Defender  falls out of the full-point ranking

In the April list, the scores of each antivirus did not change much, but it is worth noting that Microsoft’s Defender antivirus lost 0.5 points in protection, with a total score of 17.5 points.

Don’t underestimate this 0.5 points. In the past few months, Microsoft Defender has always scored a full score of 18, keeping pace with other first-line anti-virus software.

Now that it has lost 0.5 points, it is lower than Kaba, Xiaohong umbrella, AVG and other anti-virus software. Wait a minute.

However, for domestic users, AV-Test’s Antivirus rankings are just a look.

These international Antivirus have almost no market in China, because they are mainly anti-virus software, various domestic butlers and security software.

The guard does not talk about the strength of anti-virus capabilities.

What attracts users has long been free + various cleaning functions, and the meaning is very different.

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