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Microsoft launches Windows Copilot to connect Bing/ChatGPT to Win11

Microsoft launches Windows Copilot to connect Bing/ChatGPT to Win11.

Microsoft has announced Windows Copilot, an updated version of its Windows AI assistant; designed to make Windows 11 the first PC platform to access centralized AI assistance.

At the same time, they are also extending the Bing Chat plugin to Windows, enabling developers to integrate their applications in Windows Copilot.


Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay said in a blog that with Bing Chat and first-party and third-party plug-ins, users can focus on bringing their ideas to life, completing complex projects and collaborating, instead of spending energy in multiple applications . Find, start and work in . “Just like using Bing Chat, you can ask Windows Copilot a range of simple to complex questions.”


The new Windows Copilot will be available directly in the Windows 11 taskbar, making it easy to find and use.

It has a similar text box interface and sidebar layout to Bing Chat in the Edge browser, but with tighter integration with Windows; features like copy and paste, Snap Assist, Snipping Tool, and personalization found in Windows are all in there Provided, you can also perform other tasks (including summarization, rewriting, etc.) based on text prompts.


Microsoft launches Windows Copilot to connect Bing/ChatGPT to Win11


“Invoking Windows Copilot is familiar and simple – the button is front and center on the taskbar – easy to find and use. Once open, the Windows Copilot sidebar is consistent across your apps, programs and windows, always serving as your personal assistant .It makes every user a power user, helping you take action, customize settings, and connect seamlessly across your favorite apps.”


Microsoft also provided a demonstration video in which it showed in detail Copilot changing Windows settings, rearranging windows using Snap Layouts, summarizing and rewriting documents dragged into it, and opening applications such as Spotify, Adobe Express and Teams. .

Windows Copilot is expected to be available in preview versions of Windows 11 starting in June of this year.

More details can be found on the official blog .

Additionally, Microsoft also announced at Build 2023 that ChatGPT will now use Bing as its built-in search data provider. Bing AI has started rolling out to ChatGPT Plus users and plans to make it available to all free users soon through a ChatGPT add-on.


Microsoft launches Windows Copilot to connect Bing/ChatGPT to Win11