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Microsoft Is Investigating Remote Desktop Issues After Windows 11 Update 22H2


Microsoft Is Investigating Remote Desktop Issues After Windows 11 Update 22H2.


The Windows 11 2022 Update has been in the Windows Insider program for about a year, allowing users to report as many bugs as possible so Microsoft can fix them before rolling them out to the public. 

Still, some bugs managed to slip under the nose. 

Microsoft has previously confirmed a litany of issues, including problems with printers, slow solid-state drive performance, poor copy performance for large files, and corrupt configuration files. Now, Microsoft is investigating complaints about remote desktop connection failures.


According to reports from regular customers and IT administrators posted on Microsoft forums and other social media, Windows 11 has difficulty connecting to Remote Desktop after upgrading to version 22H2. 

Symptoms vary from person to person and include connection failures, random disconnects, and freezing.


Microsoft Is Investigating Remote Desktop Issues After Windows 11 Update 22H2


“All of our Windows 11 Remote Desktop users are having issues connecting to Remote Desktop after installing this update. It just hangs while connecting,” a Windows administrator said on Microsoft’s Community site.


“We found that the Remote Desktop client had a bug where it only tried UDP connections, not TCP connections. Our firewall only allows connections on port 443.


“Windows 11 22H2 breaks remote desktop connections through gateways.

Seems like a pretty big issue to me, apparently being reported. Why wasn’t something like this fixed before release?” another user on Twitter said.


“I have a few customers using Windows 11 and after updating 22H2 they can’t log in to our RDS server. I tried without the firewall and nothing changed.

After a rollback the problem went away and they’ve been able to log back in,” A third person said on Microsoft Q&A.


While Microsoft has not acknowledged the issue, a Microsoft employee revealed that the company is aware of the issues and is investigating the reports. 

In the meantime, affected customers are advised to roll back to the latest Windows 11 older version, or disable UDP connections to bypass the bug.


You can do the latter by creating a new fClientDisableUDP DWORD (set to 1) in HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Services\Client. 

Alternatively, enable the “Turn off UDP clients” policy in the Group Policy Editor. 

Those who are not satisfied with Microsoft’s latest operating system can uninstall Windows 11 22H2 during the post-upgrade hesitation period and switch back to the previous version.

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