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Linux 6.3 crashes with XFS file system


Linux 6.3 crashes with XFS file system

A backport patch for Linux 6.3 appears to be causing metadata corruption issues with XFS.

Multiple Red Hat BugZilla reported this bug: When upgrading to the Linux 6.3 stable kernel, the XFS filesystem may crash due to a metadata corruption issue.

Running Linux 6.3 on an XFS based server causes the server to crash continuously.

Debian users have also reported similar problems with XFS with Linux 6.3.



Linux 6.3 crashes with XFS file system




The Linux 6.4 kernel is still running fine for some affected users, making it look like some patches could be backported to newer Linux 6.3 point releases. But the backport of the XFS patch to Linux 6.3 apparently had problems.


Red Hat developers involved in maintaining Fedora kernel builds are waiting for more reports/tests in an effort to track down the issue.

Fortunately for XFS for Fedora users, Fedora temporarily keeps the kernel at Linux 6.2 and is not affected by this issue.


The only advice currently is that users of XFS should not update to the Linux 6.3 kernel series.





Linux 6.3 crashes with XFS file system