September 28, 2023


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KDE will retire IRC and XMPP services

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KDE will retire IRC and XMPP services


KDE will retire IRC and XMPP services.

KDE developer Ben Cooksley revealed on the KDE mailing list recently that they will phase out services such as IRC and XMPP that are currently in use.


KDE will retire IRC and XMPP services


XMPP is an XML-based communication protocol, also known as Jabber protocol, which is an open standard protocol for real-time communication, voice, video, file transfer and other services;

IRC is the abbreviation of Internet Relay Chat, and Like XMPP, it is also a communication protocol, users connect to the IRC server through the IRC client, and then can join different chat rooms (also known as IRC channels).


The reason, according to Ben Cooksley, is that KDE’s IRC (mainly Pursuivant and Telegram Matterbridge, sKreamer) and XMPP have too few users, and the number of users continues to decline.

Therefore, the plan is to permanently retire these few services and switch some of them to Matrix.


Take sKreamer for example, its main role is to provide forum posts and announcements of bugbot services.

Since Matrix is ​​currently able to provide website previews, and the forum will soon be replaced by Discourse, these two functions provided by sKreamer are no longer needed, and KDE will directly retire this service.


Many years ago, KDE provided XMPP services for the and domains. But due to abuse, for a long time, KDE had to prohibit users from registering on ( has been manually registered).

Over time, the number of users is now very small, plus the official KDE chat channel is now basically Matrix, so it is also planned to eliminate XMPP.


At the same time, phasing out all of these services also allows the KDE team to retire a smaller DigitalOcean server (although all of these services generate a small load and the server price is not expensive, the KDE team still needs to spend a certain amount of money. Energy), in the future they will be able to better concentrate on other infrastructure and so on.






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