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Intel will launch a secure CPU in 2030: Quantum computers can’t crack


Intel will launch a secure CPU in 2030: Quantum computers can’t crack

Quantum computers are a new generation of computers that all countries are working to develop.

Due to different computing principles, quantum computers have great advantages in encryption and decryption.

In the future, it may cause the current PC processors to be easily cracked.

Intel says it will launch new secure CPUs by 2030 that are resistant to quantum computer cracking.



Security issues are Intel ‘s top priority in recent years. At the recent VisiOn conference, Intel CTO Greg Lavender mentioned a series of actions by Intel in security protection, introducing new mechanisms to improve CPU security.


The first is the Project Amber mechanism, which enables remote authentication between cloud, edge, and on-premises.

The CPU can create a TEE trusted execution environment protection zone in the memory area to protect important data.


According to Intel ‘s plan, Project Amber will enter the customer environment from the end of this year and will be widely used in early 2023 .


Secondly, to improve the security of the CPU , it is necessary to strengthen the prevention of cracking technology.

Quantum computers are the most worrying in this regard, because their unique computing principles can break through the current encryption technology.

Intel itself is also researching quantum computers, which is very well understood.



To this end, they will develop a CPU processor that is resistant to quantum computing.

It is expected to achieve quantum-resistant encryption in 2030.

The anti-quantum encryption algorithm announced by the National Institute of Standards and Technology will be used to achieve this goal to ensure that the quantum computer cannot be cracked after maturity.Secure encryption of CPU and code.