September 21, 2023


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Google open source Project GameFace

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Google open source Project GameFace


Google open source Project GameFace.

Today when we talk about AI, leaders from all walks of life are cautious about it because of privacy, security, threats and other issues, but AI also has a very “good” side.

A few days ago, Google released a new AI tool that allows users to control mouse input with only facial expressions and head movements, so as to help disabled people achieve operations that were difficult to complete.


Google open source Project GameFace


Project Gameface is a mouse tool open sourced by Google. Although it is a mouse tool, it does not require hands-on operation.

Project Gameface can realize cursor operation by using webcam and AI, users only need to make facial expressions and head movements.


Project GameFace uses Google’s MediaPipe, a system that ties together multiple AI/ML models to build a real-time mesh of 468 points on the face that can be translated into mouse clicks and movements.


Project GameFace also has a graphical interface that allows users to map facial expressions and head movements into computer input.

Since Project GameFace can build a real-time grid containing 468 points on the face, it means that Project GameFace can be as desired.

Operations can be extensively customized.


Project Gameface is aimed primarily at people with disabilities who love games, and it’s an important step towards gaming accessibility.


Players who are familiar with the game field should know that both Microsoft and Sony have launched hardware devices such as Xbox Adaptive Controller and Project Leonardo for the disabled.

Although it is convenient for the disabled, the price of these devices is usually not low, and there is no way to benefit the general public.


But Project Gameface, which can achieve similar effects with the help of AI and an ordinary webcam, will help bring new technologies to more people.

The Gameface project is still under development, but Google has provided a preview version on GitHub.

Users in need can jump to download, or give feedback to Google based on their own situation to help them continuously optimize this tool, so that more People benefit from it.






Google open source Project GameFace


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