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Google issues security alert for Samsung Smart Phones


Google issues security alert for Samsung Smart Phones.


Google security team Project Zero has issued a warning to Samsung, Pixel and vivo mobile phone users that as many as 18 vulnerabilities have been found in Samsung Exynos Modem.

Cybersecurity experts and analysts say the flaws allow criminals to hack into phones using their phone numbers without users noticing anything.


Google issues security alert for Samsung Smart Phones



Due to the serious nature of the vulnerability, Google Project Zero considers it a zero-day vulnerability, which means it should be fixed immediately.

For 4 of the 18 vulnerabilities, as long as the attacker has the correct phone number, he can obtain the data entering and leaving the modem of the device, including phone calls and text messages; the severity of the other 14 vulnerabilities is relatively low, and the attacker needs to spend more Efforts, such as entering the telecommunications system used by the device, have the opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities to launch attacks.


The mobile phones involved include Samsung Galaxy S22, M33, M13, M12, A71, A53, A33, A21, A13, A12 and A04 series, vivo S16, S15, S6, X70, X60 and X30 series, Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series , and any wearables using Exynos W920 and cars with Exynos Auto T5123.

While waiting for the manufacturer to release the correction file, the Project Zero team recommends that the mobile phone users involved temporarily turn off the Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE functions to avoid being affected by the vulnerability.








Source of data and images: Google Project Zero

Google issues security alert for Samsung Smart Phones