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Fedora 37 promises a new experience with new web-based Anaconda installer

Fedora 37 promises a new experience with new web-based Anaconda installer.

Fedora 37, which will be released this fall, will retain the GTK-based Anaconda installer and provide the default installation experience, but will also provide a next-generation web-based Anaconda installer with a new interface and installation experience.

Earlier this year, Red Hat announced that it was working on a new web-based UI for the Anaconda installer for RHEL/Fedora.

Fedora 37 promises a new experience with new web-based Anaconda installer

The new UI is more modern and will completely replace the existing GTK-based Anaconda installer in the future.

The web UI will be created on the basis of Red Hat’s Cockpit project, and designed using the PatternFly open source system.

Fedora 37 plans to provide a new Anaconda Web UI for remote and local access in public preview images. Regarding the new Web UI, the Fedora team says

  • The interface layout is based on the latest UXC design guidelines and has been extensively tested on a large number of devices
  • Significant improvement in development experience due to the choice of more modern and mainstream UI technologies and more powerful Cockpit testing tools. The stateless nature of WebUI3 allows for live-coding style UI development. The new web UI is not only better for the Anaconda team, but also for extension developers and any interested contributors.
  • Compared with the slow and inefficient VNC remote GUI installation, Remote Web UI access can provide a better experience. This makes it possible to install a minimal image on the device since it is no longer necessary to render the remote driver GUI installation locally.

This Fedora adjustment still needs to be approved by the Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee (FESCo) before it can take effect, but given the high demand for this adjustment and the fact that the Red Hat engineering team has developed a preview image for the feature, it is highly likely that Will be approved and appear in Fedora 37.