November 28, 2022


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Fedora 37 New Proposal: Unrestricted Access to Flathub

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Fedora 37 New Proposal: Unrestricted Access to Flathub

Fedora 37 New Proposal: Unrestricted Access to Flathub.

The Fedora community is discussing a proposed change: Unfiltered Flathub.

The proposal states that it is hoped that starting with Fedora 37, users will be able to allow unfiltered/unrestricted access to Flathub, providing more Flatpak options on Fedora Linux.

So far, Fedora out of the box has limited access to a filtered subset of Flathub packages when enabled through GNOME Software or GNOME Initial Setup.

And under the plan of the new proposal, users can easily access a wider range of software and avoid confusion as to why certain Flathub packages are not available on Fedora.

In the event of duplicate packages between Flatpak and Flathub, Fedora’s solution is that Flatpak takes precedence over Flathub.

Fedora 37 New Proposal: Unrestricted Access to Flathub

But while Flatpaks has a higher priority than RPM in GNOME software, there may be some objections to this change in its current form.

So unless there is a change in GNOME Software’s behavior between Flatpaks and Fedora RPMs, there may be some issues with this new change proposal.

There is also concern that some Flathub packages are not built from trusted, high-quality third-party sources.

A Fedora developer concluded that implementing the proposal requires the following:

  • Prioritize Fedora RPMs and Flathub
  • Prioritize Fedora Flatpaks and Flathub Flatpaks
  • Prioritize between Flathub Flatpaks and 3rd party RPM repositories – especially for IDEs
  • Determine what happens when upgrading from an older version – if you want “Fedora Flathub
  • Selection” to become “Flathub”, you need fedora-third-party support
  • Passed the test

He said that GNOME software has a “packaging-format-preference” key to determine whether RPM or Flatpak is preferred.

Looking at the source code doesn’t make it clear how prioritization in Flatpaks ends up happening.

Currently, they don’t have the ability to do something like judging Fedora Flatpaks > Fedora RPMs > Flathub Flatpaks — that would have to be implemented in GNOME software if needed.

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