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Xiaomi Cost Value WiFi6 Routers

Cost Value WiFi6 Router

Xiaomi Cost Value WiFi6 Routers

Xiaomi released Cost Value WiFi6 Routers into markets.  The price is around $50-100. What’s WiFi6? IEEE 802.11ax is a wireless local area network standard. The Wi-Fi Alliance calls it Wi-Fi 6, which is also known as High Efficiency WLAN (HEW).

Cost Value WiFi6 Router

The Wi-Fi Alliance launched the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 certification program on September 16, 2019. On January 3, 2020, the IEEE 802.11ax that uses the 6GHz frequency band is called Wi-Fi 6E.

802.11ax supports all ISM frequency bands from 1GHz to 6GHz, including the currently used 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands, and is backward compatible with a/b/g/n/ac.

The goal is to support indoor and outdoor scenes and improve spectrum efficiency. Compared with 802.11ac, the actual throughput in a dense user environment is increased by 4 times, the nominal transmission rate is increased by 37%, and the latency is reduced by 75%.


  • Backward compatible with 11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA): In a demanding environment, the channel is effectively shared for both the uplink and the downlink to improve network efficiency and reduce delay.
  • Multi-user multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO): allows more downlink data to be transmitted at once, enabling the access point to simultaneously transmit data to more devices.
  • 160MHz channel: Increase the bandwidth to provide higher performance with low latency.
  • 1024 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Mode (1024-QAM): Improve the throughput of Wi-Fi devices by encoding more data in the same amount of spectrum.
  • Target Wake Time (TWT): Significantly extend the battery life of Wi-Fi devices, such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
  • Transmit beamforming: Supports higher data rates within a given range, thereby providing greater network capacity.
  • 4 times OFDM symbol duration (symbol duration)
    Adaptive clear channel assessment (Adaptive CCA)
    The security standard is upgraded to WPA3

Xiaomi AX360 WiFi6 Router

Cost Value WiFi 6 Routers

* Qualcomm 6-core enterprise-grade professional chip
* Dual-core network acceleration engine
* Wi-Fi rate increased to 3000M
* 6 high-performance external signal amplifier signals
* 512MB large memory, support up to 248 devices connected at the same time
* Smart AIoT antenna, OFDMA technology, MU-MIMO technology
* BSS Coloring technology greatly improves the ability to resist Wi-Fi interference from neighbors
* WPA3 secure encryption protocol to protect the data security of the home network
* Support beamforming technology, directional enhanced signal
* Super heat dissipation to ensure stable operation
CPU IPQ8071A 4Core A53 1GHz CPU
Red aceleración del motor Dual core 1,7 GHz NPU
Memoria 512MB
2,4G Wi-Fi 2×2 (IEEE802.11ax 574Mbps)
5G Wi-Fi 4×4 (IEEE802.11ax 2402Mbps)
Antena 6 antenas externas de alta ganancia + 1 antena AloT
Disipación de calor Natural de disipación de calor
De la interfaz física 1*10/100/1000 WAN (Auto MDI/ MDIX)
3*10/100/1000 LAN (Auto MDI/ MDIX)
Luz indicadora de led 1 * Los indicadores del sistema
1 * INTERNET indicadores
4 * puertos de red
1 * AIoT Luz
Botón de Reinicio 1 * botón de Reinicio
Entrada de alimentación de interfaz 1 * interfaz de entrada de energía
Estándar inalámbrico IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/Hacha IEEE802.3/3u/3ab
Las normas de certificación GB/T9254-2008; GB4943.1-2011
De banda Dual 2,4 GHz, 5GHz
Canal inalámbrico Canal de 2,4 GHz: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13
Canal de 5GHz: 36,40,44,48,
Modo de modulación 11b: DSSS: DBPSK(1Mbps) DQPSK (2Mbps) CCK (5,5/11Mbps)
11a/g: OFDM: BPSK (6/9Mbps) QPSK (12/18Mbps) 16QAM(24/36Mbps) 64QAM(48/54Mbps).
¡11n: MIMO-OFDM: BPSK… QPSK… 16QAM… 64QAM! Conjunto de velocidad: MCS0 ~ MCS15
¡11ac: MIMO-OFDM: BPSK… QPSK… 16QAM… 64QAM… 256QAM!
Conjunto de velocidad: ~ MCS9 MCS0 (4 streams compatibles)
¡11ax: MIMI-OFDM: BPSK… QPSK… 16QAM… 64QAM… 256QAM… 1024QAM! Conjunto de velocidad: ~ MCS11 MCS0 (4 streams compatibles)
Sistema operativo Sistema operativo enrutador inteligente MiWiFi ROM basado en la personalización profunda de OpenWRT
De seguridad inalámbrica Cifrado de WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK/ WPA3-SAE, control de acceso inalámbrico (lista en blanco y negro), SSID oculto, red inteligente antiarañazos
APLICACIÓN DE GESTIÓN DE Web de soporte Android y iOS.

Ambiente de Trabajo 

Temperatura de funcionamiento: 0 ~ 40 °C
Temperatura de almacenamiento: 10% ~ 90% RH sin condensación
Humedad de funcionamiento: -40 ~ 70 ℃
Humedad de almacenamiento: 5% ~ 90% RH sin condensación

  • Specifications:
  • CPU:IPQ6000 quad-core 64-bit A53 1.2GHz CPU + single-core 1.5GHz NPU module
  • ROM:128MB
  • Memory:256MB
  • 2.4G Wi-Fi:2×2 (IEEE802.11ax, 574Mbps)
  • 5G Wi-Fi:4×4 (IEEE802.11ax, 1201Mbps)
  • Antenna:2*Internal Dual band antennas
  • Heat dissipation:Natural heat dissipation
  • Physical interface:
    1*10/100/1000 WAN (Auto MDI/ MDIX);
    3*10/100/1000 LAN (Auto MDI/ MDIX)
  • LED Indicator light:
    1*SYSTEM indicators
    1*INTERNET indicators
  • Reset button:1*Reset button
  • Power input interface:1*Power input interface
  • Wireless standard
    IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax, IEEE802.3/3u/3ab
  • Certification standards:GB/T9254-2008; GB4943.1-2011
  • Dual band: 2.4GHz, 5GHz
  • Wireless channel:
    2.4GHz Channel: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13
    5GHz Channel: 36,40,44,48,149,153,157,161,165
  • Modulation Mode:
    11b: DSSS: DBPSK(1Mbps), DQPSK (2Mbps), CCK (5.5/11Mbps)
  • 11a/g: OFDM: BPSK (6/9Mbps), QPSK (12/18Mbps), 16QAM(24/36Mbps), 64QAM(48/54Mbps)
  • 11n: MIMO-OFDM: BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM. Rate set: MCS0~MCS15
  • 11ac: MIMO-OFDM: BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM. Rate set: MCS0~MCS9 (2 streams supported)
    11ax: MIMO-OFDM: BPSK, QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM, 1024QAM. Rate set: MCS0~MCS11(2 streams supported)
  • Operating system: Intelligent router operating system MiWiFi ROM based on OpenWRT deep customization
  • Wireless security: WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK/ WPA3-SAE encryption, wireless access control (black and white list), SSID, intelligent anti-scratch network
  • Management application: Support Web, Android, iOS

Redmi AX1800 Cost Value WiFi6 Routers

• Product Model: R-1800

• Chip: QCA 4-core CPU + singlecore NPU

• ROM: 128MB • RAM: 256MB

• Antenna Type: 4 external antennas

• Wireless Standards: IEEE 802.11a/b/ g/n/ac/ax, 802.3/3u/3ab

• Power Supply: 12V/1A

• Signal Rate: 5GHz up to 1201Mbps; 2.4GHz up to 574Mbps

• Ports: 3 LAN ports 10/100/1000Mbps + 1 WAN port 10/100/1000Mbps

• 2.4GHz Channel: 1, 2, 3, …, 13

• 5GHz Channel: 36, 40, 44,48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 100, 104, 108, 112, 116, 120, 124, 128, 132, 136, 140, 149, 153, 157, 161, 165

• Wireless Security: WPA-PSK/ WPA2-PSK / WPA3-SAE encryption

• Dimensions: 247 x 141 x 180 mm

Xiaomi Cost Value WIFI6 Routers

Other thinking about Xiaomi Cost Value WiFi6 Routers:

Comparing with customerized soft router, we call these routers integrated with switch and wireless Access Point as “hard” router. These router is easy to use and configure, mostly for consumer-market. However they are less features and processing ability, not suitable for a complex and commercial environment.

Consequently, you can still DIY a soft router with strong features and processing ability, and get Xiaomi WiFi6 router just as WiFi6 Access Point.


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