Chromebook As Router

A chromebook as a router? If your chromebook is equipped with a x86-CPU, you can easily transfer your chromebook as a soft router. However, you need to add two Ethernet port (one as WAN; another as LAN) to chromebook because most of Chromebooks don’t have Ethernet port, you need to add two adapters for wired network connection:

Hardware for Chromebook As Router

A Chromebook 

Chromebok with x86-CPU, better with a Ethernet port like Lenovo x131e

Chrome as Router

USD3.0 to Ethernet Adapter

Chromebook as Router

M.2 to Ethernet

Most of Chromebooks come with a M.2 slot for Wireless network card. In order to get better network connect. We will replace this card by below adapater. The price is to drill a hole to let cable go through

M.2 to Ethernet Adapter

Swipe off Chrome OS and install customerized BIOS, then modify it to a Soft Router

In order to install Soft Router OS on chromebook, you need to replace factory BIOS by customerized one.

  1. Go to to check if your chromebook is sopported
  2. Remove security limit (screw, switch or jump) if haivng one on supported chromebook. 
  3. Enter developer mode to flash BIOS by scripts from

Software for Chrome as Router

  • OpenWRT
  • ClearOS
  • pfSense
  • RouterOS 
  • VyOS Router

OpenWRT for PC is recommended if you are new on soft router. 

Install OpenWRT on Chromebook as Router

After flashing factory and set down on two network cards

  1. Download the image  for PC from OpenWRT official website
  2. Write image file to USB drive by balenaEthcher
  3. Boot Chromebook from this USB drive
  4. USE a PC and set this PC’s IP as
  5. Use a network cable to conect both PC and chromebook.
  6. Open browser and PC and input IP address:
  7. Login with user: root, leave this blank for your first connection
  8. Configure this soft router per your wish. 

Other options:

After you know more about soft router and network working pricinples, you can continue to try other Soft Router OS.