September 26, 2023


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DIY a PBX on Raspberry Pi Zero

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DIY a PBX on Raspberry Pi Zero

DIY a PBX on Raspberry Pi Zero. PBX on Raspberry Pi Zero has much small size, some stores offer just 5 dollars as promotion.

However it doesn’t come with Ethernet port, so USB to Ethernet adapter would be a solution.

You have to get micro USB to USB-A adapter first because Raspberry Pi Zero just has micro USB ports.

Raspberry Pi Zero W recommended

Raspberry Pi Zero has two models: Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi Zero W. W comes with wireless connection and better performance. 

Micro USB to USB-A adapter:

USB 2.0 to Ethernet adapter

Raspberry Pi Zero only with USB2.0, so just spend 3-4 dollars to get USB2.0 to Ethernet adapter from Ebay. 

DIY a PBX on Raspberry Pi Zero

USB3.0 to Ethernet Adapter

However, the speed of USB2.0 to Ethernet adapt is very slow: less than 500KB/s to transfer data. You can spend more to get USB3.0 to Ethernet adapter even the port on Raspberry Pi Zero is USB2.0. The speed around 10-20MB/s, which is much better than the cheap USB2.0 to Ethernet adapter.

Install Procedure:

  1. Get a 16GB or 32GB micro SD
  2. Download image file of Raspiberry Pi OS
  3. Write image file to one microSD card by disk writer, like Raspiberry one Imager ( download from Raspberry Pi official website) 
  4. Creat a blank txt file on boot partition and rename as “SSH” in order to enable SSH service 
  5. Insert SD card to Raspberry Pi and power on it.
  6. SSH by user: pi with default password: raspberry, then enable root login and SSH by root
  7. Follow the official tutorial for FreebPBX on Debian

Install FreePBX 15 on Debian 9.6

SD card for Raspberry Pi Zero

Better to get good grand microSD card like Samsung or Sandisk to avoid disk failure.

Samsung Endurance Card

Sandisk Endurance Card

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