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DIY a Commecial Class PBX with Low Budget

DIY a Commecial Class PBX with Low Budget. You can do it! In the past, it’s definitely just a dream if you want to build a PBX in an office or home due to complicated technology and huge costs. In addition, you have to hire a team to maintain a PBX system.

Only big company like Panasonic, SIMENS, Nortel, Cisco….. could design and build tranditional PBX. Such PBX usually expensive and also need specialist for maintenance, so small business couldn’t usually equip a PBX.

However, such dream becomes the truth after IT technology develops quickly.

Even if you are not IT techician, you still could DIY a PBX for your office or home.

What you need to build a PBX

  • Hardware:

You can use brand new or old below device to DIY a PBX server at your budgeted costs.

  • Regular  PC:  x86 PC (desktop or laptop) or server or small PC

AMR devices:  like Raspberry PiOrange Pi……..

Chromebook or Chromebox: some models are supported.

  • VPS

You may not need to buy physical server, and build your PBX Server on VPS.

There are many VPS provider in market.

Vultr is recommended because they allow you upload your software disc, the cost as low as $2.5 per month.

  • Software:

There are some free open-source options:

    • FreePBX
    • AsteriskNOW
    • Issabel
    • FusionPBX (Freeswitch)
    • PBXinAFlash
    • OpenSIPs
    • Kamailio
    • OpenPBX
    • 3CX (free version)

  • Computer Knowledge to build a PBX

As above software is developped on linux OS mostly, you have to have some basic computer knowledge to execute such task. Don’t worry! You can find an answer easily from internet. A lot of geeks are happy to help newbie like you.

  • Enthusiasm

Most important part. You will spend plenty of time to learn, find an answer, troubleshoot, but you can get a lot of fun and enjoy an pwoerful “Enterprise-class” PBX , perhaps valued tens thousands dollar.

Get start!

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