September 24, 2022


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Differentiating PostgreSQL and Oracle: MariaDB plans to offer unique geospatial capabilities

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Differentiating PostgreSQL and Oracle: MariaDB plans to offer unique geospatial capabilities


Differentiating PostgreSQL and Oracle: MariaDB plans to offer unique geospatial capabilities.

The MariaDB team, an open source database , announced that it has joined the Open Geospatial Consortium ( OGC) following the acquisition of geospatial solutions provider CubeWerx .

Through OGC, MariaDB will collaborate with the geospatial community to advance open geospatial standards that make information findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.


By acquiring CubeWerx, MariaDB adds to the cloud-native, scalable geospatial capabilities the company plans to offer through its fully managed cloud service, MariaDB SkySQL .

” The application of geospatial data is truly transformative, enabling businesses to offer new products or services that are compelling and tailored to end users , ” the announcement said .




Geospatial data is involved in many different use cases, including mapping services for location awareness and route optimization, as well as improving forecast accuracy, inventory management, and stock trading.

Combined with CubeWerx, MariaDB will provide geospatial data through open standard APIs and strive to remove data volume limitations, enabling geospatial data to grow at any scale.


Jags Ramnarayan, vice president and general manager of SkySQL at MariaDB Corporation, said: “We are taking a unique, developer-centric approach to delivering geospatial capabilities that other database vendors don’t have. While other databases such as PostgreSQL and Oracle have Geospatial capabilities are added directly to the database, but we are taking a modern cloud-native approach, managing virtually unlimited amounts of geospatial data on low-cost, durable cloud storage, and providing OGC standards-based REST APIs for accessing the data. We believe this approach will enable MariaDB to leapfrog in the field of databases for geospatial application development.”


MariaDB is in the process of elevating CubeWerx membership to a technical committee level.

Franz Aman, Chief Marketing Officer, MariaDB Corporation, said: “We look forward to working with the OGC and its members to advance cloud-native geospatial standards. As an open source company, open standards are a great fit for our value system, and we’re excited to embrace what the OCG has accomplished. work as the way we store, access, manage and share geospatial data.”


MariaDB is a next-generation cloud database company whose products are used by companies large and small, reaching over 1 billion users through Linux distributions, over 1 billion downloads, and used in various types of use cases and industries use.

MariaDB’s database solution is also available as a fully managed cloud database service called SkySQL; SkySQL supports large-scale hybrid and multi-cloud deployments using distributed SQL technologies.


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