October 1, 2022


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DDR4 memory has no future: AMD confirms Ryzen 7000 bets on DDR5

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DDR4 memory has no future: AMD confirms Ryzen 7000 bets on DDR5


DDR4 memory has no future: AMD confirms Ryzen 7000 bets on DDR5

AMD announced the Ryzen 7000 processor at the Taipei Computer Show a few days ago.

The architecture and process have been upgraded, and it also supports new technologies such as DDR5 and PCIe 5.0.

However, the memory makes everyone a little tangled, that is, the Zen4 generation directly Ditched DDR4 support.


AMD technical marketing director Robert Hallock also reconfirmed this point in an interview a few days ago.

Zen4 no longer supports DDR4, only DDR5. In the past few months, AMD has communicated with suppliers and memory module manufacturers and confirmed Their roadmap, confirming the timing to prevent supply shortages, everyone is optimistic (on DDR5 supply and support).


In addition to supply issues, Robert Hallock also mentioned other benefits of AMD’s support for DDR5 memory.

One is that their AM5 platform is expected to make DDR5 memory price parity or close to parity.

Another point is that AMD is also optimistic about the high frequency of DDR5, which is very suitable for sharp Dragon, and at an early stage they can do DDR5-6400 support, which is very encouraging.



In short, AMD believes that they can solve some of your concerns about DDR5 memory, including price, supply, overclocking, etc.

After comprehensive consideration, they decided to abandon DDR4 and only support DDR5 memory.


Of course, AMD is also very clear about its own move. Robert Hallock’s descriptions use the word “bet”.

This is also a gamble. Whether DDR5 memory can be supported by the Ryzen 7000 as AMD envisioned will be accepted by everyone. Full support, we’ll see.


In addition, although Intel launched DDR5 memory support for the first time, they are conservative in giving up DDR4.

This year’s 13th-generation Core will not give up DDR4. Of course, the main support is DDR5.


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