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Cross-platform audio player DeaDBeeF 1.9 is released after three year

Cross-platform audio player DeaDBeeF 1.9 is released after three year. 


DeaDBeeF is a modular cross-platform audio player that runs on Linux, macOS, Windows and Unix-like systems. The player was first released in 2009.

Since the release of DeaDBeeF 1.8, now three years later, version 1.9 has been officially released.

The updates are as follows:

Cross-platform audio player DeaDBeeF 1.9 is released after three year.




  • WMA regression causing playback corruption
  • Deadlock in ALSA plugin
  • Wrongly detects raw AAC files as MP4 files
  • Handling empty header formatting scripts
  • Memory error when dragging playlists via Playlist Browser
  • Keyboard navigation issue across playlist tabs
  • Playlist tab and playlist custom color bug
  • Suspended state not properly maintained after force quit
  • Poor performance when saving playlists and profiles
  • sndfile cannot open the file because of an uninitialized memory access error
  • Crash when removing track from playlist while playing
  • Render group headers with blank text
  • Delay activation of playlist tabs when drag and drop on tab bar




  • Long file search with support for Opus and FFMPEG
  • HTTPS support for vfs_curl in portable builds via libmbedtls
  • Design Patterns for CocoaUI
  • New scope and spectrum analyzer visualization capabilities
  • Visual appearance preference pane
  • New album art loader
  • Configurable volume bar scale via context menu
  • Title formatting $year (time) function
  • GTK UI for editing selected fields of multiple selected tracks in table interface
  • Create a new playlist by clicking the “+” button in the Playlists tab
  • Improved GTK interface for DSP preferences
  • Improved handling of invalid MP3 files
  • scrobbler will use HTTPS by default

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