January 28, 2023


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Cloudflare withstands 26 million requests per second DDoS attack

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Cloudflare withstands 26 million requests per second DDoS attack

Cloudflare withstands 26 million requests per second DDoS attack.

Cloudflare wrote on its official blog that last week they automatically detected and mitigated a DDoS attack at 26 million requests per second , which it said was the largest HTTPS DDoS attack ever.

The attack targeted a customer website using Cloudflare’s free plan. Similar to the previous 15M rps attack , this one was primarily from a cloud service provider, not a residential ISP, meaning the attackers used hijacked virtual machines and powerful servers for the attack — not performance Weak IoT devices.

Cloudflare withstands 26 million requests per second DDoS attack

According to reports, the 26 million rps DDoS attack originated from a small but powerful botnet consisting of 5,067 devices. On average, each node produces about 5,200 rps at peak.

To compare the size of this botnet, Cloudflare has been tracking another larger but less powerful botnet, which has over 730,000 devices — but can’t generate more than a million requests per second, that is, Each device averages about 1.3 requests per second.

It can be seen that the average strength of the botnet that launched the strongest attack is 4000 times due to the use of virtual machines and servers.

It’s also worth noting that this attack was carried out over HTTPS.

HTTPS DDoS attacks are more expensive in terms of required computing resources, as it is more expensive to establish a secure TLS-encrypted connection.

As a result, it is more expensive for the attacker to launch the attack and more expensive for the victim to mitigate the attack.

Cloudflare says it has experienced very large attacks on (unencrypted) HTTP in the past, but this one stands out because of its size and the resources it requires.

In less than 30 seconds, the botnet initiated more than 212 million HTTPS requests from more than 1,500 networks in 121 countries.

The most important countries are Indonesia, the United States, Brazil and Russia. About 3% of attacks are carried out through Tor nodes.

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