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CentOS 8: It is the time to say Goodbye


CentOS 8: It is the time to say Goodbye.  CentOS Linux 8 version 2111​ released: the last version based on upstream RHEL 8.5.

After Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 was released last week, CentOS Linux 8 version 2111 was released recently as a rebuilt version of RHEL 8.5.


This version is also the last version based on the upstream RHEL 8.5 source . The update log reiterated that CentOS Linux 8 will end on December 31, 2021.


CentOS 8: It is the time to say Goodbye


This CentOS Linux 8 version plan is the last version and there are no further updates. In the future, CentOS will only focus their efforts on CentOS Stream as the new upstream of RHEL.


RHEL 8.5 brings various container improvements, Cockpit network management improvements, real-time kernel patching for all RHEL minor versions, enhanced SSSH logs, NTS for NTP, RHEL system roles for Microsoft SQL Server, and various other updates and Improve. In addition, RHEL 8.5 also supports the recently launched OpenJDK 17 and Microsoft .NET 6.


Those looking for alternatives to CentOS Linux 8 can look at Rocky Linux and AlmaLinux , both of which have released versions based on RHEL 8.5.





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