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Canonical Hires Software Development Engineer for Ubuntu Gaming Team

Canonical Hires Software Development Engineer for Ubuntu Gaming Team. 

Ubuntu developer Canonical’s job postings show that they are forming the “Ubuntu Gaming Experience” team and are currently recruiting software development engineers for the team.

The technology stack requirements are C++, C, OpenGL, Vulkan, Mesa, Proton, Wine, DXVK and Direct3D , and requires experience in developing Linux graphics.

Canonical Hires Software Development Engineer for Ubuntu Gaming Team

Canonical wrote in the job announcement:

Linux gaming is currently the state of the future. Compatibility tools like Proton have matured and many native Windows games are available, greatly expanding the library of games available on Linux.

But delivering a full gaming experience isn’t just about solving compatibility issues; it’s about maximizing performance on a variety of hardware, making sure anti-cheat features are robust and secure, and making tools for content creation, driver management, and HUD overlays easy to use , as well as ensuring that game controllers, headsets, RGB keyboards and gaming mice are fully supported and customizable.

We want to make the widest range of games “just work” on Ubuntu and are currently creating a team focused on optimizing performance, compatibility and user experience for gamers.

We want to create a platform where players can easily find the games they want, use the devices they own and share those experiences with their friends. “

Then think of the report at the beginning of the year: Canonical recruits game product manager to make Ubuntu the best Linux gaming desktop .

In this way, Ubuntu’s entry into the Linux gaming space has been confirmed.

After all, as a Linux desktop distribution that is loved by a large number of users, Ubuntu’s support for games is not satisfactory. Many players will not call Ubuntu the best game Linux distribution, but prefer to give this title to some Ubuntu-based games. , such as Pop!_OS.