January 28, 2023


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BUS1 is developing “r-linux”: a Rust-capable Linux runtime

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BUS1 is developing “r-linux”: a Rust-capable Linux runtime

BUS1 is developing “r-linux”: a Rust-capable Linux runtime.

Bus1 is a subsystem that provides object-oriented inter-process communication on Linux, and its Dbus-Broker is implemented as a high-performance D-Bus message broker compatible with the D-Bus message bus specification.

According to the technology media phoronix , in the past month, David Rheinsberg, a Red Hat employee in the Bus1 field and involved in the development of projects such as systemd and Dbus-Broker, has been researching r-linux, “Capability-based Linux runtime — Capability-based Linux Runtime “,

BUS1 is developing "r-linux": a Rust-capable Linux runtime

This project focuses on making it easier for Rust code in user space to interact with the Linux kernel API:

The r-linux project provides direct access to the application programming interface of the linux kernel. Includes direct unprotected access to kernel APIs, as well as Rust features and functions that access kernel APIs in a safe, capability-based manner.

R-linux is based on a triple license: MIT License, Apache License Version 2.0 and LGPL Version 2.1+.

So far, r-linux has been developed by David Rheinsberg alone, with more than 20 commits in the past month, but no official release yet.

People developing for r-linux can find it via the bus1/r-linux repository on GitHub .

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