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Android 13 can completely kill the apps running in background


Android 13 can completely kill the apps running in background! Small memory mobile phones will benefit from it. 

In less than a month (May 11), it will be Google’s I/O conference. Unsurprisingly, Android 13 will enter the Beta stage and open to third-party manufacturers to upgrade.


Android 13 will allow users to adjust the brightness of the phone's flashlight


A few days ago, XDA found that Google added a piece of code related to memory and multitasking optimization to the Android 13 kernel, mainly involving MGLRU (Multi-Generational Least Recently Used), which is a multi-page recycling strategy.


Previously, Google has introduced this mechanism for Chrome OS to improve the situation that CPU usage is high and background content is often killed by mistake when multitasking on small memory (RAM) devices.


According to Google tests, with MGLRU, kswapd CPU usage is reduced by 40% (kswapd is a process that manages virtual memory); in addition, background manslaughter cases are reduced by 85% at 75% memory usage, and reduced at 50% memory usage 18% rendering delay.


Although ROMs built by OEMs themselves will not necessarily copy the underlying code of Android 13, such native changes will also be of great benefit to their optimization of multitasking logic.