September 27, 2023


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AMD Zen4 was confirmed to abandon DDR4 Memory

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AMD Zen4 was confirmed to abandon DDR4 Memory


 AMD Zen4 was confirmed to abandon DDR4 Memory

In AMD’s Zen 4 conference this morning, a small detail was overlooked.

The official confirmed once again that the AM5 interface chipset platform is developed for advanced technology platforms and only supports DDR5 memory.


This time, Zen 4 supports DDR5-5200 memory by default, and it can support up to 6400MHz with EXPO overclocking, which is slightly lower than the 6800MHz+ in the rumored Intel 13th-generation Core.


AMD Zen4 was confirmed to abandon DDR4 Memory



Officially, EXPO technology can achieve a performance improvement of up to 11% at 1080p resolution, while the delay is reduced to about 63ns, and the target is XMP 3.0 in the Intel context.


Going back to DDR4, it has been 9 years old. AMD also said that users need to move into a new era of computing. DDR4 is outdated and should look to the future.


However, some users have questioned that many of the performance data currently claimed by Zen 4 may be achieved by relying on the high frequency of DDR5, which may be another deep reason why AMD decided to abandon DDR4.


In comparison, Intel’s 13th-generation Core will retain compatibility support for DDR4.




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