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A Free “cPanel” with free SSL| Best Replacement for cPanel


A Free “cPanel” with free SSL| Best Replacement for cPanel. 


The only solution is aaPanel if you are looking for free “cPanel” to host multi-website and looking for unlimited free SSL certificate.


We  tried all free panel solution. No one  really works as cPanel or with very features until we find aaPanel.


aaPanel main features:

  • One-key configuration server environment (LAMP/LNMP)
  • One-click safe restart
  • One-click creation of management website, ftp, database
  • One-click SSL certificate deployment
  • One-click deployment source code (discuz, wordpress, dedecms, z-
  • blog, microengine, etc.)
  • One-click configuration (regular backup, data import, pseudo-static,
  • 301, SSL, subdirectory, reverse proxy, switch PHP version)
  • One-click installation of commonly used PHP extensions (fileinfo, intl,
  • opcache, imap, memcache, apc, redis, ioncube, imagick)
  • One-click database import and export
  • System monitoring (CPU, memory, disk IO, network IO)
  • Firewall port release
  • SSH opening and closing and SSH port change
  • Prohibit PING on or off
  • Convenient and efficient file manager (upload, download, compress, decompress, view, edit, etc.)
  • Scheduled tasks (regular backup, log cutting, shell script)
  • Software management (one-click installation, uninstallation, version switching)



  • Free;
  • Most silimar to cPanel;
  • Multi-website supported;
  • CentOS base, also support Debian and Ubuntu server;
  • Free Let’s encrypt SSL certificates with automatic renew;
  • ARM-CPU servers supported;
  • Raspberry Pi 3/4 supported;
  • Email server optional
  • DNS server optional
  • “one click” to deploy WordPress 
  • Lots of free modules.



  • Some commercial moduls not free, but very cheap
  • Modules not as much as cPanel
  • Technical support poor, but it’s free!




512M or more, 768M or more is recommended (Pure panel for about 60M of system memory)

Hard disk:

More than 100M available hard disk space (Pure panel for about 20M disk space)


CentOS 7.1+ (Ubuntu16.04+., Debian9.0+), to ensure that it is a clean operating system, there is no other environment with Apache/Nginx/php/MySQL installed (the existing environment can not be installed)


Official recommendation:

Centos7.x > Debian10 > Ubuntu 20.04 > Cenots8.x > Ubuntu 18.04 > other Linux

Remarks:  CentOS 8 steam tested, didn’t find issues till now.


Linux Panel Installation Command

aaPanel is developed based on Centos, we recommend using Centos to install it

Centos :


yum install -y wget && wget -O && bash

The experimental Centos/Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora installation command supports ipv6. Note that this command is executed with root privileges (Centos8 is supported)

curl -sSO && bash


Ubuntu/Deepin :

wget -O && sudo bash

Debian :

wget -O && bash


A Free “cPanel” with free SSL| Best Replacement for cPanel



System tested:






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